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Our Story:

A dream was planted in my heart during a year I spent doing a weekly Bible study at the YWCA San Diego. I got connected with the YWCA through my job. Then I reached out to them outside of work to come in as a ministry. They agreed to have me come in to do a vision board workshop and a Bible Study for any woman who wanted to attend. However, that first night I learned that none of the women had a Bible, so I purchased all sorts of pretty Bibles from my local Christian Book Store and gave them to the women as gifts at our next meeting. I could have purchased the less expensive paperback Bibles but I want to give them something more personal because these women were ready to begin a personal relationship with Jesus.

During that time I learned that there are women and girls right here in America who have never heard the gospel, been to church or seen a Bible. These women are hungry to know more about God and to learn His word, and I want to help make that happen.

When women learned that I was giving away pretty Bibles with no strings attached, more came just for the Bibles. Many prayed the Sinner’s Prayer and welcomed Jesus into their hearts. They were so blessed to be able to not only receive a Bible but get to choose their very own Bible from a selection of pretty, colorful Bibles with different versions, styles, and studies.

I did the Bible study with a small group of women who came to cherish their Bibles the way I cherish mine, and they looked forward to our weekly time together to learn more about God’s Word. The told me stories of reading the Psalms and praying at night like I taught them, and of answered prayer and growing closer to Jesus.

It was my honor to be able to beautiful, personal Bibles into the lives of women, who at such low points in their lives wanted to cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus.

 The DREAM that was sown in my heart that year is to be able to give to every woman or girl in a crisis or transition and who is ready to have a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus a pretty personal Bible, a place where she can meet with her Savoir to find hope and her future in Him.

And you can help!

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